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Dental grinder is a new revolutionary way of recruiting within the u.k dental industry. Simply register and select term of membership to search through our candidate profiles. Once relevant profiles have been selected you then send a request for contact information to contact and recruit. Our service covers recruitment needs of emergency quick fill positions, long-term temporary positions and permanent contracts. It also covers all dental professionals from trainee dental nurses to specialised dental practitioners.

It also offers the ability to view and print of relevant uploaded certificates, making it easier to be CQC compliant.

All of this for a small registration fee, saving you money on costly hourly temping agency rates and recruiters fees or listing pricey job adverts.

Use our jobs board

Included within the registration fee is the ability to post as many job advertisements as you like, and remove them when you desire, at no extra cost!!! This feature alone has the ability to save you hundreds of pounds.

Our Fees

Our fees are based on membership terms and include use of jobs board. Any jobs placed on the jobs board will automatically be removed once membership has lapsed. Don’t worry we will remind you when your membership is coming to an end.

  • 1 month membership £5
  • 6 month membership £15
  • 12 month membership £25

Just 4 simple steps


Register your details

Create your own private login and password to allow simple return access or sign in via social media.


Search our database

Search our database using job title, and you can refine your search by geographical area or dental specialisms, or add a job to the jobs board.


Shortlist potential candidates

Shortlist potential candidates using our shortlist option enabling you to go back through candidate’s profiles to select the perfect match.


Contact and recruit!

Select to see contact details to allow a request for contact details to be given.

What our members are saying

Don’t take our word for it see what our members are saying about Dental grinder and how we have helped them.

  • Dental Grinder

    Dental Grinder

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  • Dental Grinder

    Dental Grinder

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  • Dental Grinder

    Dental Grinder

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Dental Grinder improving recruitment with in the Dental Industry

Created by dental professionals for dental professionals.


Have more choice over your selection of staff. Instead of waiting for the perfect candidate to see your advert, you contact them. Choose your own locum staff; instead of waiting for an agency to send you out a member of staff at a costly hourly rate to represent your business, of which you have no control of who that person may be, browse through possible locum candidates CV’s, see references and make your own choice of who you feel will be the perfect locum member of staff for your business.


Once you have registered you can sign in and gain access 24 hours a day. Enabling you to continue your search for a candidate outside of office hours and in the comfort of your own home.


Our review rating system is unique to dental grinder, allowing you to rate locum staff you have previously recruited. Helping you to choose the correct candidate for your business.


Our website is mobile and tablet friendly allowing you to recruit while on the move.


Dental grinder not only enables a more efficient way of recruiting, it also offer a great way of saving money. Agencies who place staff often have a hefty hourly rate, placing job adverts can be costly and personal recruiters leave you with a big bill to pay. Our membership fee’s make it easy to cost effectively recruit.


Candidates are requested to upload relevant certificates, which are available to print off, making it easier to be CQC compliant.

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